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Quality Transportation Solutions

BTS offers nationwide service

Brokerage and Transportation Sales, Inc. will help you, as we do for many shippers across the country, optimize the movement of freight through your supply chain.

Manufacturers, distributors and e-tailers alike have found a partner in BTS that provides dedication to service, honest communication and the ability to consistently drive savings directly to the bottom line. We align with safe, reliable, innovative carriers on your behalf and manage the movement of each shipment every step of the way.

Your success is our priority. We are an extension of your team that is focused on cost, service times and helping you exceed your customers' expectations. You drive the partnership,we provide on-demand access to a dedicated representative, innovative technology and experience that is steeped 50+ years in the industry.

Best Cost & Service


Consolidate your west coast shipments with our seamless network that provides full state to state freight coverage to and from Illinois and California.

Locate Your Freight


BTS TrakPac safeguards your high value and time-sensitive freight with reliable satellite technology that provides discreet tracking - no need for driver input or cell phones!

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BTS carefully considers all of your shipping requirements while arranging transportation for your freight. Acquire pricing in minutes from one of our friendly, knowledgable reps.